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Get Plugged In!

Get Plugged In
Wireless streaming audio
If you love hearing new music every day along with all your old standards, we recommend a Wireless Streaming Audio system. These systems provide access to any song on earth, at any time, without having to run speaker wires throughout your home. All you need is power and you could be listening to crisp high fidelity audio today. Ask for Expert Advice on which streaming solution fits your home best.

4K Ultra HDTV
A Picture So Sharp You Will Need Gloves.

What’s the next BIG thing in HDTV? Several manufacturers presented their 4K televisions at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 4K, or Ultra High Definition (UHD), is capable of four times the resolution (3840 x 2160) of today’s top 1080P HD monitors.
With thin screens, narrow bezels, and an ultra high pixel density, the overall picture quality bar has been raised substantially. TV manufacturers are promoting 4K models as the ultimate home cinema experience. Companies like Sony and Microsoft are already tooling the next generation of game consoles to run in 4K. 
If you are cinephile or a gamer, it’s time to start saving up for the next great leap in TV, 4K Ultra HD!


Sonos Playbar Review
Sonos Playbar Review

We finally got a Sonos Playbar into our showroom and it barely touched the floor before I absconded with it for some serious reviewing. Sonos has pulled out all the stops with their Playbar. It's a nine-speaker, wall or tabletop mountable, soundbar with networking features, that will blow your metaphorical doors off!... Read More

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